The Right Rituals For Your Wedding

While we don’t walk around daily asking each other, “Hey, have any good rituals lately?” they are a regular part of life. The reality for most of us is that we are just not that conscious of what rituals we take part in and why. Our rituals may have been demoted to habits.

Choosing the rituals you want as part of your wedding ceremony begins with an understanding of what the purpose of a ritual is, and what you personally want to communicate through it. A ritual is a sequence of actions typically performed using gestures, words and/or objects, that in a culture, a community, a family, even an individual, connects people to a meaningful and most often, a thoughtful and emotional aspect of life that reminds us who we are and what is important to us. They reinforce these things by asking us to pay attention to an activity that has a beginning and an end, that in its execution, conveys a meaningful message to all who partake either physically or by way of observation.

Weddings, in our society, serve a practical purpose of formalizing a legal commitment between two people. They can also serve as a forum for reinforcing the joy of love shared between two people, the importance of commitment in a society, communicating expectations the couple have of each other, and sharing the wisdom of what it takes for love and commitment to flourish over time. For some families it may be an opportunity to reinforce the role that each family member has in supporting the new couple and ensuring their success.

The Unity Bowl Ritual reinforces the notion of how each person, who has shared a part of the couple’s, lives have touched it in some way, and it celebrates the diversity of our experiences and our coming together to share the wisdom of our collective experience in support of each other.

The Wedding Box Ritual, or Time Capsule as it is also known,, serves as a reminder to the couple and those who are watching that marriage is about what you put into it. Enduring marriage is about the art and habit of loving, giving, serving, praising.

There are many, many incredible rituals to choose from. If you want a ritual in your ceremony, ask yourselves, “What is most meaningful to us that we want to communicate in our ceremony, and how do we want to get our message across is a way that reflects who we are and what we want to share with our guests.
At Full Circle Celebrations, we work alongside you to find that perfect ritual that is right for you.

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